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Originally Posted by fibonacci
Originally Posted by Slow_335i View Post
This is a joke right?
What is a joke? Go look up brake/caliper temperatures vs. powdercoating heat tolerance/heat retetention. I'm not suggestion OP's brakes are going to explode, but if he is going to track his car - or used a coating with a low heat tolerance - it *could* be an issue.

The powdercoating material itself ranges greatly in heat tolerance.
From "Most powders are manufacturer rated at 250-300 degree operating temperatures."
In comparison, G2 Caliper paint is rated at 980 degrees tolerance.

"It is not uncommon to have caliper temperatures exceed 200 F" - Michael Romano, Mechanical Engineer (Source)

Not stating it is a problem for all people, but rather it could be a problem for some people.
Exceeding 200 degrees is still a long way from 300 degrees. That's a 50% cushion, not too bad.

I suppose that if I were track the car hard the calipers could reach into the upper threshold of the powder coating temp, but its HIGHYLY unlikely unless I was driving with my foot on the break and probably warping my rotors.

I would think that for my calipers to reach 300 degrees, my rotors would be glowing...

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