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Originally Posted by Bulldog CFP View Post
Not me. I'm a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).
Good. I was hoping so. Oddly enough, when you type in "bulldog cfp" on google, that's what comes up.

My original post was assuming that you were a CFP In The financial planner sense. This was actually my main reason for hoping that you would delve further into your statement with regards to dollar collapse and planned course of action with regards to spending. I find it interesting given the high demand for US Treasuries and low inflation of recent years (although we are likely to see somewhat of a correction in both in the near future) Combined with histories lessons Of the results of austerity in developed markets during a recession. there absolutely needs to be a resolution to the issue, but your "quickly" comment leads me to believe that you are short the dollar assuming continued lack of progress on the hill. Your thoughts?

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