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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
I guess you know this but watch out if you're bathing your car in subzero temps.. You could have water get into door locks and freeze up. No fun.. Happened on my old VW years ago and no fun. The ice could also do damage if it gets inside moving parts when you try to actuate them (like mirrors)...

It's funny how I was washing the car at a coin wash same time a week ago, with temps in the mid-40s (wasn't even wearing a jacket, it was that warm!!!). 12 hours later the mercury dropped like a rock and it's been freezing cold ever since..
Yea I was thinking about that, I was trying to decide between a crap ton of salt on the paint or carefully trying to spray it down... I really don't like washing it when its THAT cold but the roads here were literally white from salt so you can imagine what my car looked like.

Funny how you mention going from mid 40's to freezing because we had about 0F last Tuesday and this upcoming Tuesday its supposed to be 55F..... Oh how I love Michigan.

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