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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Bulldog, you're obviously passionate about the topic, so--if you don't mind--I'd like to bounce a couple of questions/comments off of you...
Mind telling me more about why you feel this is the case? I assuming that you mean in terms of depreciation. How quickly do you honestly feel that this could/would occur on current trajectory?
I feel this way because it is staring everyone squarely in the face.

I have no clue how quickly or not this could occur. But you only have to analyze the financials to get a firm understanding of the dire financial straits our nation is in. Would a private company run itself this way and be able to stay in business? How about an individual? I am not a doom and gloom kind-of-a-guy. I believe in our country and its resiliency and ability to overcome adversity and end up on top again. But right now in America, Liberalism/socialism is rearing its ugly, filthy, nasty and pathetic head. I believe that the middle class is going to have to begin to really feel the ultimate and direct effect, financially, of the current administration’s policy and agenda before they get out there and make a difference at the ballots.

In the meantime, what is it that being $16.5 TRILLION in debt, while borrowing $1.1 TRILLION dollars more to cover the cost of running our Government each year, doesn’t alarm you?

Add to this that Obama has increased the size of our Government to the largest it has ever been. He has also borrowed more than all other presidents combined. Where do you think our tax dollars go? What do you think will happen as Obama continues to borrow and interest rates on our debt obligations rise? Why doesn’t Obama simply tell the folks how he is going to pay off our debt obligation? What effect do you believe this will have on our children and children’s children? Ever thought about that? Ever wonder why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went bankrupt in 2008? What is the effect of high unemployment and the associated continued extensions of government unemployment pay on government borrowing? What about food stamps. Obama has officially been crowned the food stamp president. Ever ask yourself why? Please offer an example of anytime in the history of the world that socialism succeeded? (hint…you can’t). Please tell us any form of government/society where more people benefitted over capitalism? (hint…you can’t).

Take a look around you. Why is it that California, Michigan, New York, etc. are bankrupt? Why is it that cities and states across America, who are in the worst state financially, are liberal progressive dominant and unionized? Why is it that Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are bankrupt? What similarities can you gleen from unions and European Socialism?

So what might you do to better this situation and turn things around? Do you really think increasing taxes on those who make over 400k a year will increase enough tax revenue to the government to pay off our debt? Really? One year’s worth of the new tax hike revenue runs our government for about a week. However, this year’s tax revenue has already been blown on Hurricane Sandy relief and all the B.S. pork that the liberals deviously snuck into to the package at the last minute.

Just like the bankrupt States, Europe and Unions - at some point you run out of the private sector to tax and entities who will continue to lend you money. Ever wonder why Germany is pissed? Who do you think will eventually bail out California, New York, Michigan, etc. Hmmm.

Personally, I’ve worked hard and sacrificed much in taking the personal responsibility to become financially independent/secure. I’ve struggled and failed along the way. But, I wouldn’t go back and change it for the world. Freedom in America is the ability to live free from the tyranny of government rule and choose the way we, as individuals, desire to live.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t born into this world to be taken care of by the government. Were you?

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Based on this statement, are we to assume that you are more of the mindset that austerity is the way out of a major economic recession? I'd like to hear your thoughts on your desired path.
Significantly reduce the size of our government. It is bloated, corrupt, inefficient, broke and wasteful. Name one government program that is not bankrupt that is doing a better job than the private sector couldn’t do otherwise. C’mon really. I mean, there is no incentive for any government entity or government employed individual to do well. They spend everyone else’s money and don’t have to be held accountable. The money just keeps rolling in from the private sector tax revenue. When they fall short the government simply increases our taxes. Sound familiar? The Government needs to be lean and mean. No different than any other successful private sector company. Term limits for our elected officials to prevent career politicians who represent their special interest groups and their own personal interest instead of the people. No more pensions that pay them 100% of their employment earnings through their retirement years (wonder why the unions couldn’t fund their pension obligations)? Elimination of their own, tax payer funded, private healthcare. Ever wonder why they aren’t subject to Obamacare? Hmm, I wonder if Obamacare would look different today, or even passed, had our elected officials been required to use Obamacare for their own healthcare too. If they were, do you think Obamacare would have been 2600 pages long, filled with pork, and healthcare more costly now than before it was passed?

The fix is simple really. Why do you think companies outsource their business and/or business manufacturing processes to other countries? Hmm, I wonder why unemployment is so high and continues to remain this way in the United States? Why is it that there is a mass exodus of companies and people, who are the most hard working and successful, out of states like California, Michigan and New York to other states like Texas or to other countries abroad? Ever wonder why the Obama appointed "job czar", Jeffrey Emmelt, sent GE’s airplane technology and manufacturing to China? BTW, what ever happened to all those “shovel ready” jobs Obama was supposed to use the $1trillon stimulus on during his first term to create jobs and restore the nation’s infrastructure with? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Job Czar supposed to create jobs and do it in America?

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
...perhaps not the best example given reason scandal, but I believe that I understand what you are going for and there are certainly many other respectable business-men and women with equally impressive accomplishments (sans scandal) .
Who cares about the scandal? Pick any other, private sector, successful business in America and apply the same logic.
The real scandal is the main stream media in America. What a joke. These news outlets are no longer unbiased reporters of the news. They simply, and in no uncertain terms, push the liberal progressive agenda while sucking up to the Obama administration. It’s simply pathetic. Historically, it was the news that reported and kept the people informed and the government accountable. Not so anymore. The only good thing about this now is that the folks are wising up. This is clearly proven by the mainstream media's lackluster viewership ratings (Which is why they are going bankrupt). We see this now in the newspaper and news magazine industry as well. Ever wonder why the New York Times continues to hemorrhage subscribership? Ever wonder why they are bankrupt? It is the same thing that is going on in the magazine news industry too with Newsweek. Ever ask yourself why Newsweek went bankrupt? Ever wonder why you can only get Newsweek online now?

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
I think this may depend on how you look at "taking" from the government. I personally take from many branches every day. My commute includes city, county, and state roads in areas monitored by city, county, state, and federal police forces and defended by our nation’s military. Several of the children in my family attend public schools, etc. Anti-trust laws and the government employees in charge of ensuring compliance there-with have a direct effect on fairness of play in my industry. Say what you will about Ben Bernanke, but I have taken advantage of the reduced cost of lending over the past few years, and couldn't be happier with the improved returns which this helps to bring (and I then pay taxes on). The list can go on and on if I really start to think about it.
Government’s primary function is to protect us and defend our freedom. Limited Government is good. Frankly, it is necessary. However, that anyone in America who is successful was so as a result of the Government is simply unfounded and unsubstantiated. It’s nothing more than a bunch of B.S. liberal talking point poop. No offense to you personally, but anyone who believes this I’ll reasonably consider ignorant and uninformed. BTW, our nation’s infrastructure is in shambles. Why isn’t the gas tax, supposedly used to maintain our infrastructure, working? So does this mean that the government should raise our taxes to fix this situation? Does anyone believe that the private sector could do it better? Again, what happened to the “shovel ready” jobs Obama promised? (what role did Solyndra and all the other bankrupt green companies that the government invested our tax payer $1trillion stimulus money into have on the “shovel ready” jobs or on the economy?)

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Are we to assume that these employees and NewsCorp did not also gain certain benefits from the government (Freedom of press, copyright enforcement, security and maintenance of roads and airways for deliveries, etc.)? I would mention that the Internet roots back to a US National Science Foundation funded program, but its creation did not bode well for the margins of most companies in Mr. Murdoch's field.
Like I said before, limited government is good and necessary. Part of the government’s job, paid for via our tax dollar, is to defend The Constitution of The United States and protect our freedom. But, government has gotten out-of-control with excessive spending, regulation and the nanny state. Arguably today, the government doesn’t help make people and businesses successful. They make it harder to succeed and more costly. Ever heard of The Sarbanes–Oxley Act? Or more recently, how about the Frank-Dodd Act? Who do you really believe benfits from regulation like this?

The government didn’t, nor did Al Gore, invent the internet. But you can be damn sure they want a piece of the action through regulation and taxation.

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
I like how you stated this as it clearly represents your perspective as that which it is.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
I think this may be the sad truth of it. The specifics vary, but the general direction is about the same. Neither party currently seems to be willing to have those uncomfortable conversations with each other or the American public. The truth is that both parties are to blame for where we are and how we got here, and both will be to blame if we do not bring the issues at hand to an actual resolution. The hard line approaches, childish name-calling, and absurd finger-pointing only makes what needs to happen that much harder to accomplish.
If you haven't checked out Edelmans Trust Barometer for this year, do so when you have a moment. The short story is that the American people trust their friends and generally even trust organizations. With that said, they don't trust the leaders of those organizations or the folks driving the national boat (red, blue, or yellow).
There are so many ways to achieve success and ultimate happiness in life as an individual without the assistance of an oppressive nanny state. Those who choose subordination over self-reliance do it out of frustration. Their frustration is born from the horrible notion that there is only one way to achieve and that way is, unfortunately, dependence on others. Failure to understand this as well as dissatisfaction at one’s inability to reject the universal standard of human reliance; constitute the cancer that can emasculate every dream, dampen every hope and erode every shred of determination one can muster.

So, if we desire the true freedom granted us by the constitution we must take responsibility for our complacency. We have failed to live up to our constitution. It demands our attention, our deliberation, and our honor. Our Constitution was NOT written for legislators, or presidents, or even justices. It was written for us, we the people, so that we could tell when the government was exceeding its delegated powers. It prescribes limits on the government, and not us, and presumes that we strictly enforce those limits, a duty we have failed at miserably, for decades. I believe it is us, we the people, who have brought shame and ignominy to the legacy of our forebears.

Because we have stood idle for so long, the government of the United States of America, as it now exists, bears little resemblance to the one the Founders established. The constitution demands our attention, our deliberation, and our honor.

What are you going to do about it? Will you continue to embrace the expanding government workforce. Or instead the private sector, smaller goverment and individual freedom?

Liberal = the government can do better for you than you can do for yourself = BIG GOVERNMENT = Democrat

Conservative = you can do better for youself than the government can do for you = limited government = Republican

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