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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
Firstly. Cheers for chiming in

Sounds like you might have it spot on. I will have my Indy have a closer look when my front bumper goes on soon. I'll get them to take off the bottom panel and have a closer look.

It is an auto.

So, how much can I expect an Indy to charge and how simple is the job for the various problems if its either the :
Oil filter housing
Oil cooler thermostat gaskets
Valve cover
Rear turbo inlet.

Cheers mate!

No problem. Definitely get the splash panels off the car for a good look at everything. Chances are, you will find a fair amount of oil under the water pump area. Again, from the filter housing/oil t-stat areas.

As for labor, I don't have access to the BMW labor times or Alldata here at home. The filter housing and oil cooler t-stat gaskets should be done at the same time. The oil cooler thermostat gasket is really easy to change, but the filter housing requires partially removing the intake manifold to access one of the bolts. I'd probably expect a shop to charge at least 3 hours of labor to change those 2 gaskets.

If I'm at the shop later I'll see what the labor times list out at..........