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Originally Posted by padders View Post
Just for a bit of balance. I have 205 section 16" Dunlop M3's all round so obviously buy into the whole Winter tyre thing but those of you who claim to have never have seen the traction control on such tyres are fortunate indeed. It is certainly true that winters will get you up and down snow covered hills where wide summers wont even get you off the drive but the laws of physics still apply. On a day like today where it is raining onto ice you will have very little traction and if it is actually working will see a the tc light flashing merrily. This topic is rather like that of opinions on Apple devices, so devisive that sometimes the truth is hard to ascertain in between the emotionally charged dubious claims!
I said I hadn't seen my traction control flash, but I think that was purely down to me taking it very easy, literally feathering the accelerator. I'd never used winter tyres before, so I just wanted to familiar myself with them. As the days went by, the only times I seen the traction control flash was on ice. We had a good 4" of snow last night, I went out in it at 7am this morning to take the mrs to work and I find the traction in snow is really good with the winter tyres.

But overall as the days have gone by and I'm more familiar to how the tyres handle, I've seen traction control flash, I know I'd have been stuck without my winter wheels n tyres, so over all a good investment