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Originally Posted by daemonicus View Post
these threads are just as stupid as "if i have x, x, and x mods, can i beat my friend who has a xxx, with x, x, and x mods?"


i could run 35 lbs on stock turbos on a car that i could use to drive to work everyday and never dip into boost. or i could run 35 lbs and stomp on the gas from every intersection i leave and around every corner i come out of.

nobody here is going to be able to tell you anything relevant to YOUR driving style because everyone on here has a different style.
I bet you wouldn't tell me my question was stupid to my face. Seriously? you are a prick. This is nothing like that those questions.
God forbid I ask what these cars can safely take boost wise. No how about I be a true idiot and throw 30lbs at it and drive around like a mad man and blow shit up. Yea these threads are stupid huh