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Using NCS Dummy's trace editor I figured out what my problem was; there are only two different ways to code the PWM_ANSTEUERUNG_NSW (OP Forgot an E) values; wert_02 & wert_03 OR wert_1. If you try and code 1 & 3 for example it doesn't actually write, this is why I wasn't seeing a difference in my Nettodat file.

Once I got past this I was able to coded my car with the new NETTODAT file with the higher voltages. Problem is that it still doesn't fix the issue I am having, only the driver side fog is coming on?!?!?

From reading the OP's original problem I though my aftermarket Xenon fogs where picky with the voltage going to them. I had tested both fog lights on the driver side and they worked. Anyone know else have this problem? The whole reason I learned how to code was so I could get this to work and now I am officially out of ideas?