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Originally Posted by FCobra94 View Post
That's the other thing I forgot to mention; no matter what air pressure you have in these, they sure do seem to wear funny for no particular reason whatsoever. On the G35x my brother drives they've worn on the outside and inside edge funny too, all the way around. It's not the alignment and no amount of air pressure seems to help lol I've read the same complaint on MULTIPLE sites on many different make/model cars.

I wouldn't say that ALL Michelins are bad though; every brand has their own quirks; this is just "one of those things." I'm sure the next iteration will be much better. I mean, look at how good the PSS is, as well as most of their winter tires, etc.
Well I stopped by Discount Tire today to show them the problem, and they gave me $200 towards another set of Michelin tires. Reluctantly (lol) I ordered the PSS. Can't be worse than the A/S Plus right?