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Originally Posted by zmt View Post
Not sure I'd be so happy about being able to hear the turbos all of a sudden :O.

That said, it's certainly a service that's well worth looking into if you've got >50k miles on your car. and at the prices that people on this forum have been getting from UBS it's almost a no brainer.

I did my own blasting when I had my coupe because I couldn't stomach paying $600+ to a dealer or indy for what's basically some nut shells and a bunch of labor. After doing the job though, I think I'd charge more than $250 if I was to open my own shop, so in my mind that makes their service a heck of a deal.

I may have to drop off my car sometime and let them blast away!
Yea, I was flirting with the idea of doing it myself. It's quite a task to take on, props to you for doing it all yourself.

As far as the sounds coming from the turbo, the 'whoosh' is what i'm referring to. She' breathing with healthy lungs now. I've always owned turbo cars, this one is now alive again.

Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
I had mine done last month at 44k and they looked almost identical to yours. This should be a mandatory service every 30k miles for those of us who are tuned, IMHO. Not only did I notice the car acting generally "happier," my gas mileage has improved by around 1mpg which was unexpected. And it also took care of the little rpm flutters and hiccups under load.
Agreed! I'm looking forward to the MPG improvement too. I do mosly city driving.