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Originally Posted by gdawg20001 View Post
Luckily i did not dive the car around once I saw this. I was tempted but took the bike instead.

Ok so when i got home I checked coolant and coolant level was good. I ended up switching out cyl 3,4,5,& 6 injectors today with some recalled injectors I got from a buddy. Programmed them up according o the DIY on this site.

First startup, I threw misfires on 4,5 & 6. Shut the car off, cleared codes. Started again, this time there was a little hesitation but it steadied itself out.

Drove the car around for a bit (a couple hard freeway pulls) and the smoke from the exhaust seemed to go away. Got home and popped the hood but now there was some slight smoke coming from the engine bay, right near where the turbos are but couldn't place it exactly.

Let the car sit. Tried to startup again but this time the car wouldn't start. Try two, three and four all wouldn't start. Fifth time, gased it a little and it it to start. Drove around again. This time and since I haven't seen any smoke from the exhaust or engine bay. The squealing noise has also gone away.

Turbo seals bad? Still a possible coolant leak? How would I know if the cats are bad? What about the vacuum pump? Other ideas?
Smoke from the Engine Bay is a never a good thing, could you trace which side of the engine bay? If it's coming from the Passenger Side, most likely it's a seal around your turbos. But it's best to get that puppy checked out. If there is an exhaust leak on your Bank 2 turbo (cylinders 4-5-6), that can also cause mis-fires.

Good Luck and let us know when you find the issue.
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