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Wintracs have been great apart from today.

Today I had to give it several attempts to get up my side road into the driveway. Admittedly all of my neighbours had abounded their cars either side of the road which was tricky.

The entrance to the drive is all uphill with a small ramp and 2 neighbours had abandoned both sides, I could only just squeeze through. As the cars were so close I had to take it slow up this slight ramp in case I slid into them. Surprisingly as I passed and hit the ramp I got stuck. Tried rocking it out and just flooring it. No good, backed out tried again giving it some more throttle once passed cars, no good, 3rd time lucky but it needed some nerve to ensure I didn't slide into the neighbours cars and a bit more throttle and momentum and I was up.

Must say I was a little disappointed I couldn't get grip. I think it might have been the surface. I've not had issues like this before. We had a tonne of snow last night. It wasn't fresh when I drove on it. It was part solidified/ice, turning very slushy, very deep in places with compacted snow and ice beneath.

I suppose it achieved what the neighbours didn't but it has knocked my confidence in the winters slightly. I think more so on deep slush. Fresh snow and possibly even a thin layer of compacted snow and ice they seem fine.