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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I'm not sure on that. Can somebody kindly confirm it?
I've seen few M3s on the track having this by default or possibly activated by coding but I have not seen it on normal 3 series having these by default.
I guess this should be in it's own thread ..

After coding BFD for me this evening My pre LCI e92 there are 2 Levels of BFD
I am only referring to FRM(1) FRM 2&3 on later cars are configured slightly differently

Heavy Braking but no ABS = Level 1
ABS = Level 2

As standard, Level 1 was activated on my car and only lit the fogs.

You can definitely code Flashing 3rd light on level 1 ( couldn't seem to do anything more)

You can code flashing 3rd light, fogs and brake lights on level 2

It is worth pointing out that as soon as you take your foot off the brake the flashing stops. It also times out after 30 secs if you keep your foot in.

The video below is a Level 1 stop, the foot was kept on the brake for demonstration purposes and I have no idea of the actual deceleration rate that triggers Level 1 .. from the video .. it doesn't see like a whole lot
You can't appear to change the frequency of the flashing on the FRM1 . You may be able to change some PWM setting somewhere.

FRM 2&3 modules i think have a dedicated frequency setting.

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