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Originally Posted by xzibit a View Post
High camber is More positive. Low camber is more negitave....

Honestly, With a custom build /fenders i think you need to pick a size Sounds like 18x10/11.5 find something that is somewhat agressive, then mount it and figure out exactly how much of a spacer you need for your look that your going for. Then order a custom set of wheels to those specs. Or buy adaptors to go to 5x114.3 and then you have probibly tons of choices and cn pick up something from nissan for muscle car forum.
no, saying 'i have lots of camber' means negative, sunk INTO the body...

argh, read above, i don't want 11+ in teh rear, it's stupid and unneccessary. i can run a 295 or 305 on a 10 with no negatives, and that's the biggest tire i can possibly buy that's a 30 profile. and even then i'd need the speedo recalibrated slightly...

i don't want spacer, i don't want adaptors

if i was fine with a spacer, i wouldn't be asking this question.. a spacer is NOT the look i'm going for, because you then don't get the ACTUAL look of offset... that's just like saying 'go a +45 and put in a 45mm spacer'.. noooooo.

seriously, if you guys don't think what i' after is aggressive, what the hell do you guys run? i honestly want to know?!

And if you read my first post.. i said what size i want to find:

i want 18x10
and 18x10

or 18x10.5 at MOST. NO MORE.

or 19x* in the same sizes.

regardless, finding wheels for the rear is easy, it's a 10" wide with +26, every wheel maker and their dog sells that.