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Same here.
I'm thinking the NETTODAT is basically just a numeric representation ("compiled" version if you wish) of the human-readable FSW_PSW file... but wasn't 100% certain.

Sitch is: I de-coded my car prior to service (over-cautious.. I know) and want to re-code all my modules, 1 at a time. One of them, NFRM (FRM2), has non-standard NETTODAT settings for the 4-click turn signal. So I was wondering... do I need to code the backed up NFRM *and* the NETTODAT... or just the NETTODAT because it does all of NFRM *plus* it fixed the non-standard hex bytes for the turn signals.

Mmeh. What the heck, I'll just give it a try with NETTODAT only and see if all the changes stick! Simple enough.