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Helix by far.

--No cutting. This means you utilize the plastic air guard to direct air directly to the FMIC. On the others you remove this
--Height is more important than depth. Ask 1000hp Evo or Supra guys. They would laugh if you said depth is more important
--3" in and out ports with smooth connectors. Eliminates small, leaky, stock connectors. You can also option for a replacement lower charge pipe (ER has this but HPF dousn't)
--Biggest % volume increase over stock of the aftermarket FMIC's. In other words, best cooling potential.
--Seals to the bottom of the radiator and goes over it. THis means at idle, the radiator fan is moving air through the FMIC.
--Cast end tanks for smooth air flow.

It goes on and on. I can list a ton more but I think you get the point. Go with Helix first, then ER in a CLOSE second, and HPF last out of your selection.