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Originally Posted by Shogun1122 View Post
I realize that it is early to talk numbers but the above quote mentioned 100 hp at the crank so...

I interpret this as about 85 at the wheels. Figuring an FBO n55 running e85 should conservatively run about 360 hp. I'm guessing we would see a conservative 445 with some seeing as 460 to 470. That would make for a pretty fun car.

Does everybody see too?
My car is already fun to drive but it will make it even funner to drive

Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Just did some e85 tuning on a buddies '12 335xi FBO with PROcede & PWM Meth. Had a glitch where the PROcede would just reboot, but we fixed it by putting a cap on the power line. Posted the fix on another thread if anyone is interested. Cranked up the timing and target boost to 20psi. Never felt an N55 pull this hard. Only issue now, to much torque for the clutch to handle... Sending it over to HPF for a clutch upgrade in a few weeks. Then some final logs and off to COBB for a dyno run. Hope to see 400 awhp.
That's awesome man. Goodluck on the dyno I hope you break 400. We are all counting on you