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Thanks dude
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Those belong on a civic hatch back
Haha these cost more then most civics on the road but again to each is own
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^Not sure if sriuz
Oh I beat he is
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Let me guess, u must have either stock wheels or VMR wheels on ur car right??
You nailed that one brother

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Did someone just say Work VSXX belong in a Civic

To OP and FLOSS...keep em comin' always admire your work....too bad I don't have enough funds to step up to the status you guys got
Save your money and eventually you will get yourself a nice set up. Thanks dude just trying to bring good for and finish to e90posr
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Seriously tho. Id get laughed all the way to China town if I rocked those shoes in Vegas. Every town is different of course
Im sure theyre the hottest thing in Estonia?? Is that where OP is from lol

My rims just came in (bought the car a month ago) but the car is at BMW getting dinan parts installed this weekend. Ill put mine up when they get installed next week. Im sure Ill get heat too haha
Lol yeah I'm from Estonia. Lol. Seriously dude sounds like your from Estonia because who the hell still buys dinans crazy overpriced parts. But again to each is own. You obviously don't know your wheels to well cause there's probably civics all around with reps, those don't look anything like my set up. Good luck with the dinan parts dude
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^^ looking forward to see ur set up sir!!
Cool keep an eye out for it in the near future