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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Yes but realize the helix step up core, the upper part gets blocked from direct air flow of the bumper. You can't go wrong with any of these intercoolers as its far better then the stock one. It's matter of what you want to spend and what preferences you want. You will hear many opinions but ultimately its up to what u are looking for. I chose HPF because of the connection uses the original c-clip and also I prefer depth over height.
Just have to clear this up... Absolutely NONE of the upper core is blocked by the bumper as the core comes up just under it
Here is a pic of the helix, please note that the upper core comes up just under the bumper totally exposed to ambient airflow.

Helix has been a supporter of this forum and this platform since the beginning while many companies have come and gone. We have continually improved our designs as manufacturing capabilities have improved, we are dedicated to the BMW turbo platforms as has been(with this platform) and will be perfectly demonstrated in our upcoming f30 intercooler designs.

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