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Smile OEM99 Working Conservatively Pt. 1 (long read)

** 56k restricted please ^_^ **

Hey Ladies and Gents...

Just wanted to share a few pics of the evolution haha. It's nothing crazy, just simple conservative mods.

I came from the SC world way back in the day (and good god the engines were freaking bulletproof even at over 300k on the odometer) and finally went the euro route. Didn't have enough funds to complete the 2JZ-GTE swap, but I'm starting to contemplate it again haha

Well anyways on to the rest...


then the car went into the shop for a good amt of time, numerous "issues" with injectors, water pump leak, valve cover gasket leak, oil filter housing leak, you name it... Everything except hpfp and turbo leak... for now

but luckily had my cousin take care of most of the issues and get it back up and running properly.

so meanwhile, just stocked up on a few supplies...

staying loyal....

everything conservative but the piping haha


had second thoughts on changing it, but why not??

spot on fitment..

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