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Originally Posted by xzibit a View Post
well this is pointless, good luck.

PS +2 is more than -3. Most people are stupid and dont know what they are talking about
what's pointless?

i know what i want/need in terms of fitment

i know what i need in terms of performance (and i don't need more than a 295/305 tire, it's a 3200lb car...)

+2 (if you're talking about offset) means the wheel face is further into the body than -3 (by 5mm)... i know that.

I'm set on what sizes i want, i've measured accurately what i need to do to square off the track front and rear, and i've worked out and confirmed what widths and offsets achieve it.. if i went a 10.5 or 11 or 11.5 in the rear, it simply wouldn't look as good, and the tires would be stretched on slightly at that point.

if i had to i'd go slightly different sizes, but it has to be a NEED thing, because i don't want to... lower offset simply looks better lol.

and their are 2 reasons i don't want an adapter or spacer: it's going to be tracked and tracked hard, spacers and adapters are a liability on the street, and that's magnified tenfold on the track

it's also going to be daily driven, i need to get the extra width engineered, made legal, because the police LOVE handing out fines for modified cars, and getting it engineered with spacers? yeah that's extra difficulty that i don't need.. plus again, spacers and adapters aren't optimum for safety.

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