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TPMS still working with change of wheels?

Does th eTPMS system on a 2010 e93 LCI work off sensors like my 118d sport, or use the RPMs like my e46 convertible?

Reason I ask is I took my MV3s off my e93, and replaced them with a brand new from BMW set of MV4s with the tyres I ordered off the internet and had fitted at my local tyre place....and th eTPMS system works fine still. I was expecting it to fail.

I swapped the 17s off my 1 series on the same day, and fitted some steel wheels off a 2006 330 with winter tyres and the TPMS system does not work, which I expected as theres no sensors on these wheels

so, does the e93 use RPMs or do my MV4s have the sensors fitted from BMW as standard? I always thought they were in the valves, and I am sure these didnt have valves when I bought them! I will have to check the photos I took when I took delivery of them a couple of months ago