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Bit of an update:-

coding has now been completed.

i have booked in car with Brian Car Sounds so the headunit and speakers will be fitted on the 5th February. They seem to understand BMW's well. he likes the MB Quart speakers (phew) and thinks they work very well as they have a perfect seal to the car. The 3 way kit they feel is better than any other options including Focal, Herts, Rainbow, Jehurts and Earthquakes as the fit is perfect in the e90's, 60's etc and no fiddling to get a seal is required. i am refering to this application and not sq in a custom made enclosure. then his preference is Rainbow and then Morel.

He also like using the space in the floor for a 10" sealed enlosure subwoofer so we are all on the same page.

Their web site is below. the owners sound off vehicle is an escourt rs turbo van with 26 12" 1000wrms Hertz subwoofers and a 30,000wrms ampliiers that must be 6ft long.

I have started on my false floor and have cut the 9mm ply into two pieces. It's a very tight fit so i may well trim a few mm to allow for carpeting. I thought it was better to be a touch big rather than too small. I have also cut to size a piece of 9mm Ply for mounting the amplifiers and have test fitted. Please see the enclosed photos.

As you can see the floor above the amps sits proud of the other floor piece, but only by about 2cm. Once i have cut the holes in this for the amps it will be in just about the same as the factory position with a little amplifier on display.

I have made further progress this afternoon and have mounted support bar underneath amp using some 34x34mm pine. Their are three screws and i have drilled out the wood so that the pine piece can be flush with the metal floor. I have made the holes slightly smaller then the metal so that the wood had to be push fitted in. Then i place the false floor over the top and have drilled in three small self tapping screws which fixes the false floor to the pine bar. I now want to carpet the amp rack so that it looks standard.

I have managed to source some carpet which is almost an exact match to the factory carpet.
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