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Sure (just FYI - the google search I submitted in my post had the link to this...)- first off - I'm not sure if you have idrive or not - but if you do -after you do what I am about to tell you - you need to go into idrive - go into the settings for door locks - and activate the lock automatically when you drive away. If your doors do NOT autolock - the unlock feature WILL NOT WORK. Now - here is what you need to do. (if it was on before, things get reset when your coding - so do make sure its done..)

Go into CAS - look for ER_KEYOUT_AUTOVR and activate that. You will also need to look for KOMFORT_EJECT and activate that also.

"Unlocks all doors when you remove key (2009: Only unlocks driver door if FOB set to unlock driver door only. Set FOB to unlock all doors, and this will unlock all doors, too) (also works with Comfort Access
when engine is shut off, might need KOMFORT_EJECT activated) **Automatic door lock when you drive off must be enabled and must be the reason the doors locked for this feature to work, i.e. if you
press the Central Lock button before the drive-off lock kicks in, the doors will not auto-unlock."