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Give Orr take a new key will be around 150+VAT and is ordered via the chassis number, via a dealer you'll need to take your V5 reg document and a form of ID that matches your details on the V5 ordering time should be no more than 2-3 working days and its per programmed, all you need to do to get things going is insert the key and hit start(though you'll then need to set personal settings back on the car such as dash illumination as it'll be set to the same setting as it left the factory namely default).

Re the key situation having just come out of the car selling game(15years) a used car if supplied with one key is deemed OK to be handed over to a customer with just one key by the trade as a whole, having read your comments re the various phone calls made re getting your hands on the spare and pushing them to supply the key verbally which they promised, chances are I don't think without really pushing their buttons you'll see it, but imagine the problem they'd have if unfortunately you'd lost or damaged the only key you have.

A word of mouth promise doesn't carry any weight and can easily be disputed, the only way is to get things like this in writing on the invoice as it'll form part of the contract re the supply of the vehicle then they're duty bound, but usually things like this appear on vehicle handover when it's usually too late and wide of the mark verbal promises are made.

I was always if I'm honest uncomfortable with only releasing any car with just one key as I've seen the grief it can cause but as I've said on the whole the trades fine with it after all its a used car as long as it has a key it can be driven and used end of, though a BMW dealership for instance would have a different take on matters.