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Originally Posted by NotNormal View Post
.... well, as my bby boy was born on last sunday, it got me thinking about space around the house.

We live in a three bed semi, personally i'd class it as 2.5 bed, but thats just me.....

Anyway, after giving it some thought, i'm going to give up my office (the .5 or 3rd bedroom) and let my boy have it as a nursery/bedroom.

BUT - there in lies an issue, I run my business from home, although i don't need masses of space, i do still need some office space, so i was thinking about getting some kind of desk/bureau kinda thing.

I have the following that need housing :

Laptop (mainly can be sorted away)
MacBook Pro
HP 8500A printer/copier/fax
10 files
3 good size draws are needed

The rest i can get rid of or condense.

Can anyone suggest any idea's, links, suggestions that are relatively reasonably priced (i don't mean piss cheap, but the less the better)

Thanks in advance

Is there enough space in the loft ? I mean can you stand up in there ? if you can then it can be used as a small office.

My previous house was 2.5 bed semi and I had the loft converted as a storage/office.