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HELP please!cylinder misfire need spark plugs+coil ASAP

Tonight I went out for dinner with my friends. After dinner I started the car and the car makes clicking/knocking noise and the car shakes/vibrates. When I put on revers, I can hear/feel stronger clicking/knocking vibration from the engine. I then called a friend who has ODB cable and ask for help

On my way to his home, I can fell the exhaust was chocking at about

When my friend used his ODB cable to read my car, an #1cylinder misfire turn up.
I'm still at my friend's home as I typing on my pathetic Iphone try to figuer out what went wrong

On my reseach gives me an idea, change spark plugs tomorrow. But the problem is tomorrow monday every mechanic still on holiday. And I need to go to work tomorrow night

I'm so desperate for a set of spark plugs and coil for my E92 325I, and I need them ASAP. I have to ask for help from all of our forum friends from sydney area, can some one please sale me a set of plugs. Even an good working second hand set will do.

Because my Mrs drove the big ML with my future mother and sister in law to Melbourne for 6 days vacation. If I dont get them change by 4PM tomorrow, I will end up taking 2+hours on bus to work and sleep on the street tomorrow night when I finish at 3AM in the morning.

Please my dear friends from sydney, If you are keen enough to share an set of sparks with me please call me 0451016008, I'm from hurstville.

a million thanks

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