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Originally Posted by BoBBoB View Post

I was all set to order a 335d E92 and then I noticed the rear seats, there appears to be only room for 2 rear passengers ? and accordingly only 2 seatbelts ? wtf

I unfortunately need a car with 3 rear belts for when the whole family goes out, have I missed something or is the E90 my only choice ??

It's got 2 belts, because there are only 2 seats. This basically rules out the e92 for me, which is frustrating because I was a big e46 fan and the new coupe was a logical choice. The Audi A5 is exactly the same.

I think it's daft, I've got 2 kids and on the odd occasion when a grandparent came out with us we could sqeeze 3 people in the back, I can do this with my e90 (less of a squeeze actually), but not with e92.

Originally Posted by 1stnewcar View Post
Didn't the two doors put you off? Getting kids in and out of coupe's is a complete pain in the arse.
Not really, I found the big doors on the e46 really useful for lifting baby seats in and out. Now the kids are older it's also really easy to lift the seat and let them dive in the back.

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Here's our two vicious muppets
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