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Originally Posted by M3_wannabe View Post
And yea money isnt a problem at all, for now at least i mean but like you guys said maintenence is a bitch and unfortunately in about 5 months im going to have to leave my job now thats paying me $22 an hour to go work for a private ambulance company that pays like shit and i have to work their for a long time because i want to have experience before i start up paramedic school

I know im just an over thinker but i dont want to be one of those ppl that have a clean ass beamer and look broke also at the same time which i see alot of ppl with bmws do lmao
I had an 06 325 and was like you wanting the 335 upgrade. I knew with time and patience that I could make it happen. Well three months ago I made it happen... I waited till I could afford it. Be smart.