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dismantling E46

Hello everyone, I haven't been on the site for a while. Got a few daily time consuming issues going on.
I plan to back date over the last 5 months of this site and see what I've missed. Looking forward to any new details on the upcoming M4. Very likely to be my next car.

I have an E46 330ci sitting at home in the drive way. I couldn't quite decide what I was going to do with it. Fix the slight issues with it or just sell it as it was. I wouldn't expect to get more than 2000 for it, but it came to mind that if I was to dismantle it myself, I could possibly double or triple the outcome value of selling the parts separately.
Im a little handy with some tools and could manage a lot of basic trims and stuff. The engine bay and overall frame work of the car I wouldn't touch though. I could get the left overs towed and scrapped.
I was going to list what I can probably handle here, but then I realised that the list would be pretty long. I'm thinking it will be a good financial idea.

Any opinions or experiences on this?