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For reference, for anyone stumbling on this via a search.

I just recoded a handful of modules using their backed-up NETTODAT files instead of creating a .MAN file for each one.

They all worked (one at a time) except ABG which wouldn't talk to its backed-up NETTODAT, so I coded it with the backed up FSW_PSW file normally. Coding from a backed-up NETTODAT is a little easier (especially if you have more than 1 to do) because I don't need to copy/rename each FSW_PSW file to .MAN and Change_Job to SG_Codieren and all that, just code directly one-step from NETTODAT (*Note: NCS seems to need old-school less-than-8-character long file names for NETTODAT.TRC. It didn't like it when I had names like NFRM-NETTODAT.TRC, but "NRFM.TRC" worked fine). Also - don't forget to change your selected ECU between coding!

Fyi - seems like most modules CAN be coded directly from their NETTODAT (easier when backing up/restoring)... but not all.