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Originally Posted by tekaefixe View Post
Hi again buddy

Well of what i read and learned these wheels are for 235/265 (M3 measures) so my current tires 225/255 will not fit, crap....and also probably i would have to fender roll so i dont know what to do right pissed....
You can easily use your 225/35/19 and 255/30/19 tyres with those wheels.Tyre is just little bit if any stretched. I have 235 on 9.5.

This guy says he only rubs at bigger bumps after fender roll and he has et20 rear.

As for the fender roll it would be only needed at back and you can't see it from the surface if it done properly.Infact you can't roll front fenders, because those are plastic.
If you don't want to roll fenders you can also add more negative camber to rear, or choose the 9.5 et37 for the rear. If later you want more aggressive fitment buy spacers.

Or go aggressive and do this 9.5 et23 allround.

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