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Originally Posted by MrPogle View Post
It's not traction that is the potential concern, it's grip. If you change the grip at one end of the car but not the other there is potential for it to behave differently in extreme circumstances (e.g. a high speed swerve).

Now how much this is a problem is a matter for endless "reckoning" but if you believe that there is little or no difference between an RFT and a non-RFT

a) Why ditch the RFT?


b) There is no problem running a mix on the same axle.
You're ridiculously over simplifying this. I'm suggesting there need be very little difference in terms of grip and braking performance etc between the two types. Ride quality is a very different matter, and that's precisely why many including myself intend to ditch the run flats. There's also noise and potentially poor cold weather performance on rft

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