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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
The green tab is already on the back of the HU, just needs unplugging and plugging onto the techincs harness - iirc you are using a techinics harness?
no need to buy anything

It is a bit of pain in temrs of having to remove the HU out and getting to the back but actuall swapping over is not bad 2 min job

The SOS the footwell trim has to come out - its only held on by 3 or so screws and just slides down and have a look if the sos connector is connected - if it is probalbly just needs error code resetting
see my link for green tab and sos connector further down
Hey Nitesh,

Yeah it's going to be a PITA so either I do it myself OR wait until March time to send it back off to have it all done, once in for all. I think I'll give it a go tbh but problem is I can't until weekends since it's gets so dark after work!!

I'll put up with no BT for a few days / weeks since I can use my headphone for calls but I really do need to calibrate the MS8 since I know there's so much potential in that 12w7 and the rest of the set up!
Read through the link dude but where are those connectors?

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