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Originally Posted by rorkor View Post
81k miles on an N54/55 is getting to the $$$ range on maintenance/risk if not well cared for. Does the owner/dealer have maintenance records. The longevity of the turbos is still not clear so I would be weary unless you are budgeting preventative maintenance into your cost of ownership. What year is it? I hate the old iDrive, my mother in law has it in her n54 335 and it is super slow.
Yes he does have the records, all maintenance done at dealership. I would like to spend max 750$ / year on maintenance. 2007, yes old iDrive, 2009 E92 are in a completly different price range here ... (30K$) but still IMO old iDrive still better than no iDrive at all.

My first always been the 328xi, but I have to be reasonable ... i will never buy if I don't settle on this, I'm now considering 328i and 335i / xi. But yea milleage is high .....

I think I will pass