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08 e92 328i 3 Stage Air Intake Conversion! Complete!

So I have been doing my research for a while and I am going for it. I am going to do the 3 Stage Air Intake Conversion on my 328i. I already have the intake manifold and one of the DISA adjusters on the way to me, I just need to find the other adjuster for a good price and I will be able to start the conversion.

On top of the 3 stage intake conversion, I also have a Injen Short Ram Air, cyba air scoops and the AA Signature exhaust, all on their way to me.

Once I get everything installed I will also be doing the AA tune.

I'll take plenty of pictures during the installation of all the mods and post them when im done.

Update 3
Modifications are complete and I have loaded the aa tune! I can say I am very happy with the results and I cant wait till the tune fully adapts and I feel the full effects!

The three stage conversion was not very difficult, you just need the right tools. I recommend that you have torx bits. All in all the conversion, including installing the new afe intake and doing the tune, it took me about 6 to 7 hours. Just be patient and take you time, you dont want to mess anything up.

These are the two wires that will plug into the DISA Adjusters on the new intake manifold. The longer one of the two is that one that will wrap around the manifold and plug into the adjuster facing the engine block.

First things first you need to remove the Air Box

and take the two nuts off to looses the power steering fluid reservoir.

Once you get the air box out, move the steering fluid reservoir over to the side and it should look somewhat like this.

Now remove all of the plastic pieces from around the engine. Just be careful not to break any of the plastic clips, everything came off pretty easily and was pretty self explanatory.

The engine bay should look somewhat like this now.

Now i didnt get any pictures of it because i got so caught up in working that i kind of forgot, but you need to remove the throttle body from the manifold, there are 4 10mm bolts holding it on. also remove the vacuum hose that is right behing the throttle body on the air intake manifold. Just squeeze the connection and it pulls right out.

Now you need to disconnect a few wire before you take off the manifold.

Once you get those disconnected, just go around the manifold and look for any wires that many still be attached.

Now you can take off the bolts and nuts that are holding the manifold onto the engine. lift up on the manifold so you can reach behind and disconnect the two hoses and one wire that you will see. Also there is a bracket that is connect to the manifold, under where the throttle body was, you need to use a torx bit to remove the two screws that are holding it to the manifold. Once you are sure that you have everything disconnected from the manifold you can slowly pull it out making sure you did not forget to disconnect anything.

Now that you have out the manifold, move any brackets that may still be attached to it, to the new manifold. Also be sure to put the new gaskets one the new manifold and screw in the DISA Adjusters.

Old manifold.

New Manifold.

Old Vs. New

Now just revers all the steps and be sure to plug in the DISA Adjusters, double check that you are plugging everything back in.

Once you are done it should look like this

Let me know if anyone has any questions and i will try to answer it.

Update 2

Out with the old

And in with the new

More pictures and a full write up once I get everything else done. Im going to start the 3 stage intake conversion tomorrow night assuming I can make some time.

Update 1

Ended up selling the injen and got an aFe Stage-2 Si, will be starting the conversion tomorrow night!
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