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windshield wiper arm out of position

So I just readjusted my drivers side wiper arm as it looks to have slipped down and was not only rubbing on the other wiper when they first started moving, causing a loud noise as the rubber blade bounced across the glass, but I also could not lift the arm up for cleaning as it would hit the hood!........

It appears that the bolt became just loose enough for the arm to slip on the post....I think this may be common, so check the tightness of your wiper arm bolts.

1) Open the hood
2) pull off the wiper arm nut cover
3) loosen and take the nut off, wiggle the arm off and clean everything really well, us a little lithium grease where the splines are, and reposition the arm. The blade should line up with the black area of the glass just underneath the arm. It should also line up with the other wiper arm and blade.
4) tighten the nut snug and then a little bit more...dont overdo it!
5) put the cap back on
6) test the wiper action...the arm should clean all the way to just shy of the edge of the glass by the pillar. It will no longer interfere with the other arm.

Its a simple one, but will hopefully prevent any damage to the splines in the arm or the post of the wiper motor, ect....I have a couple of nicks in the paint on the backside of the hood to fix from the last owner trying to pry the wiper arm up while it was out of place.

Forgot to take pics, but can do that if needed...