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Originally Posted by gornati View Post
Got to be honest...

Just removed the eonon from my L7 E91, and could not be happier!

Previous owner had a amp installed, disconnected the L7 system just to install this unit!


Sounds much better, all speakers working the way it is supposed to be with the right power rating etc! Much better looking IMO, now ac controls are back to the original position, radio flushes better in the panel, and I have full access to the ashtray!

Cons, lost all cool functions like DVD playback, MP3 player, gps and rear view camera.

So if you have the Top Hifi L7 (fiber optic stuff) sound system, don't go with eonon.

If you have the Hifi sound system or less, think twice.
Hi gornati, as I've mentioned before, the Eonon unit doesn't compatible with hifi sound system, since out unit uses the analog tuner while hi-fi uses the digital one. But the sound effect should also be good with 4x 45w power and built-in amp and different EQ setting.

Originally Posted by Salameh13 View Post
I would like to test the new system on my 2006 BMW 325i
please let me know how could contact u
Hi Salameh, thanks for your interest, but we have already found a professional tester already in this forum, he has paid and we're going to ship the unit to him soon.

Please keep an eye on the new product release in the future then, thanks!

Originally Posted by Dark9T View Post
Hi, i has been email you few times already, when you guys gonna give my money back? sir
Hi Dark, I've received it and replied to you, actually we have refunded to your credit account on Jan. 18, please check it carefully, thanks!