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Originally Posted by cdgatti View Post
I doubt you would do better than Morel, Focal, Hybrid Audio etc... you should reconsider this venture.
There's always room for improvement so I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying to do something different. Hybrid Audio is a fairly new company and started out very small. I'm sure people told Scott Buwalda "why do you think you can do better than the big companies that are already out there" and it's a good thing he didn't listen.

To the OP, your comment about testing multiple drivers leads me to believe that you are trying to put together a component set using readily available raw drivers and trying to build or specify custom passive crossovers for them. If that is the case, then I agree with cdgatti that you will find it very difficult to make this work better than what's already available. If you are actually attempting to design a new driver in conjunction with a build house then hats off to you for the effort.
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