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Originally Posted by tinnsoldaten
# 3 on my list the 0x29DC , I found this info on:
fuel HP system, fuel pressure or
0x29DC cylinder injection switch-off,
pressure too low in the HP system
or 0x2B2C fuel high pressure
system, cold start

Look in the PDF , some more info there

Check LP sensor (except E89): Actuation of the electric fuel pump (EKP) for
approx. 20 seconds via ISTA. Read the value from the LP sensor via ISTA
during EKP operation after approx. 15 seconds. If the value displayed is more
than 6.7 bar, the LP sensor is faulty and must be replaced
Check low pressure sensor line: if mounting bracket is welded onto pipe,
replace with part number 7 545 725
This could be your lpfp on its way out. Guys who lost their lpfps were getting the same type of codes.

thanks to MGallop