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Originally Posted by Ilma View Post
Yeah....I found the stockers held boost just fine.

But the yellow forge springs are a little stiffer, so they feel like they hold boost in the chargepipe a bit longer before cracking open as compared to stockers.

Don't know if thats necessarily a good thing but part throttle feels a little crisper.

Full throttle = no difference from stock DV's.
Throttle modulation is the gain with Forge DVs over stockers. Stiffer springs more play on throttle before boost is bled from CP.

That is what I have understood in regards to aftermarket DVs vs Stock and use of different springs.

And that holding pressure in CP is not damaging the turbos , that happens only if ongoing for long periods. And when you let your foot off the throttle in most cases pressure in CP is bled out thru DVs. If I understand this correct.
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