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Well if they were involved in development I'd expect the enclosure to be the right size. But from what you are describing my first guess is definitely that the enclosure for the sub is just too small?

If the enclosure is too small, you'd expect to get no "low" bass, and poor performance (too much or more than expected, causing the cone to distort) of "higher" bass. To put it properly, bass and sub bass. The loads of "higher" bass could easilly end up being too much for the sub as it is able to produce the tones being asked with less excusion than it believes is needed, but the excursion is in any case greater, forcing it to sound as if the signal is going into clip - and making it sound a bit like a wet fart. The lower frequencies would either not be detectable at all or be very quiet.

If the enclosure is too large, you just won't hear very much at all, so it's less likely to be that.

Should you struggle, I'd be tempted to try fitting an IB sub in there still (something that runs independant of a box) or else a lower output sub that requires a smaller amount of space to sound right. The guy in Coventry would know more and I'd definitely take his word over mine though..

Obviously if the issue is that the sub is attempting to overproduce at say the 50-120Hz ranges, then in reality - your "3" setting might be closer to a 7 or 8. In which case the question I have, is - before it starts sounding like shit: Is it loud? I'd exept a decent amount of output ("balanced" with the rest of the setup of course.. IE not enough bass for someone used to installing their own systems) before it clips.

That is, indeed - if I am right about the cause.

But speak to a pofessional, I'm just a part time hobbyist that's done a few google searches when it comes down to it fella..
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