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Originally Posted by 325_bucks View Post

I'm a new member here too, with an almost identical looking car, same colour, wheels, eveything! I cant seem to post new threads so I can put any pics up though

I want to change the angel eyes to LED, but ive heard of problems with them starting up and flickering etc? Do you have that issue, do they look like the stock ones from the newer models? Which bulbs did you use?

I also want to get a rear lip spoiler and add folding mirrors so any pointers would be great!

Hope you dont think im hijacking your post!

Hi mate,

welcome to you to then! You need to have I think 5 or 6 posts before you can load a new topic.

I bought the LED kit from a guy off ebay, brand new, cost me 70 i think. And they are perfect, no flickering and are perfect white, no blue tint etc.

I will upload a link if you like to the seller?