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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
Unless you are used to RWD cars and more importantly you are very good at it, I wouldn't recommend the S2000 AP1 as I wouldn't recommend the 1M for a first car or a first RWD experience... it's like

That's another great feature of the Toyobaru... it can be the best learning tool while it is able to seduce the most talented as well, that's something only reserved to the true greatest... great, great car!
Yes, that is true. Well, I had a 735i E32, broke the rear axle against a pavement.
The MX-5 also is a good learning tool. The 4C however will be more like a 911 with its 40/60 weight distribution, and with its short wheelbase and wide track, it is suposed to have enormous grip, but that also means loss of control will be hard to gain back.