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2010 335d - No start this morning, all kinds of crazy stuff - Battery?

Girlfriend went to start the 335d this morning and popped the trunk, entered the car via comfort access, seats adjusted to her key, and then when she went to start it all hell broke loose.

Apparently all the dash lights came on, flashing, the headlights came on, the wipers came on, no start. It attempted to, she said, but then stopped. The next attempt did not try to turn over and lighting continued it's disco effect. She said eff it and was going to take the other car but then the trunk wouldn't release via the fob or the trunk release button, so her stuff is stuck in it. On top of all of this, the alarm went off while all this was going on. When it rains it pours

Now, I just installed a MusicarNW sound system and that went fine. It was done on Monday morning, drove it Saturday and Sunday with no issues. Of course my first thought is that something went wrong there, but I cannot see what could have really happened. The harnesses and such are standard, no cutting of wires.

So could this just be a bad battery? The car was built 12/2009 so it's over three years old.