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Originally Posted by scottg61376 View Post
All, I am ready to throw my computer out the window at this point...this is maddening! I have programmed several FXX cars with ESys, so fundamentally I know how to code, however I have set everything up (although everything is still in German!!!@#@#%!@), I open INPA, I get both black dots, however I only F1-Info F2-Script and F10-End, none of the other "F" keys are populated. I have copied all of the daten/ecu/sgdat files over to their respective folders. Please help!
You are missing "Referenz" data (the files are .IPO). The installer you're using is INPA-only without all of the other required "stuff" to actually do anything.

Find another INPA package.

My current issue is that I can't get MSV70 or MSV80 stuff in English and I've tried many different packages and every "how to" out there trying to get English to work....