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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Absolutely yes, it reacts in the same way a MT does but with far more accuracy and precision....the reason why I am am drilling this its because the statements being made show how much many of you are inexperience DCT drivers, therefore making conjecture and assumptions.

Btw does it look like I am using the pedals in that track vid ? No, I dont use pedals and anyone with a MT backgroup will be more prone to use the actual shifter not the pedals. Thats how you can distinguish MT driver by nature behind a DCT car
My exposure is limited to driving Audi S4 and reading numerous articles on M5 . Upshifts under hard acceleration were unbelievable but at everyday speeds in the city were jerky (for lack of a better expression) and rather harsh on occasion . That can be modulated with a clutch. DCT is an amazing invention. Very refined and advanced automatic transmission.