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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Well, the first track prep (and DD) mod has been purchased...

245/35ZR-19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL
275/30ZR-19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL

Some real meat with actual bump compliance will be nice on the street, too!

Other decisions are to run An Aquamist HFS-4 standalone for now, until I get my LSD since I will be traction limited...
And I will be springing for an OS Giken LSD most likely... $500 more is worth it IMO for the advantages in DD smoothness.
id pass on the aquamist for this car if im honest.

if you run one of the piggy backs, you will have probably the best use of methanol you can.

also, another option is to run a Cobb tune with a JB4 (they go for cheap used), as a methanol controller, direct access to your ecu, and you'll catch a problem a lot quicker than you would with an aqua mist.

im running JB4 G5 board on my car, and it catches and auto tunes during my track days.

also, are you lowering the car? the LSD is helpful, but if you are gonna be aggressive on the track, you might want to think of running some m3 Components.

hpa, has some great kits for the suspension, immensely knowledgeable people, and will give you an honest assessment of what you car needs.