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Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
To protect the gearbox in standard tune both first and second gear won't give full power on all 35d cars. There is a reason that their is not a manual option. Clutches can't handle the Lbs/ft. With a chip 3rd gear will also need the same tweaking made. Economy may well not be worse and could be better depending on how lead foot you are.
Wow i didn't know that even on stock the 1st/2nd gears weren't full power. It still goes like crazy. Re the economy, I think i have a heavy foot so will probably not improve it, well non-motorway driving certainly

To give you an idea of 700nm this is more than most if not all 18 wheeler articulated lorries produce. My friend recently bought a 14 ton truck which has 180bhp and 315nm so the figues this engine produces is in biblical proportions.

The former BMW Car Club chairman chipped both of his 335d's by DMS. Economy went from 36mpg - 39mpg first car (non efficiency dynamics) and second car went from 38 - 42mpg average (Efficiency dynamics model) this was over the lifetime of his ownership. He now drives a 640d.
I can't even begin to imagine what 700nm will feel like! With a remap, will the first 2 gears still have the same lbs/ft limit, or will this increase?

I think where i'll gain on mpg is the motorway, its boring so i just put it on cruise and sit back

I dream for our government to make our roads like they do in Germany.