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Need Help Updating

Ok, so I have a 2006 e90 and I accidentally coded the car with whatever files come with standard tools 2.3 and referenz_apr_2006 (Got them from another site). This set up is also the only one I can get working, but now I need to update my daten files to getting my cluster gauge working again.

If I update to v48 I get BEST errors. I then tried updating to standard tools 2.11 but then I get Chassis and Vin errors, which I believe means I am missing files or an incompatibility b/w programs.

Anyone know how to update (I used total commander) my daten files and programs, or start fresh?

Also, I'm sure my 2006 car doesnt need v48 files, so what are the latest daten files that will work with ediabas 6.4.7?

EDIT UPDATE: Seems like installing standard tools 2.11 and then copying any missing files from an old working installed allow me to be able to recode like 10 modules of my car successfully (possibly fixing my gauges), now I have new error about something with the 6BMOT module or something...

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